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LED digital film and television flat light 100W

Instead of the traditional three-color cold light, the use of advanced design and processing technology, the appearance of high-strength aluminum custom made, with the modern fashion line design, so that the appearance of neat and beautiful.
With LED display control DMX coding and lamp body selection, built-in anti-jamming circuit, its structure is perfect, built-in electronic adjustment light brightness, can adjust the brightness at any time.
Applicable to television news studio, virtual studio, conference room, academic lecture hall, classroom and other professional shooting occasions.
And light bulbs with strobe function, can be used for dance halls, disco and nightclub performances and other occasions.
From 200 0.5W imported LED patch combination, high luminous efficiency, can form a large area luminous matrix, high color rendering index, color reduction is good, with a high transmittance acrylic soft plate, light output soft, uniform, no Harmful infrared, ultraviolet, no glare, no flicker, no glare. Natural cooling, environmental protection and energy saving, long life of 50,000 hours (10 hours per day, you can use 13 years), low operating costs, energy saving than the traditional three-color cold light 50%, saving wire and other advantages.

◆ Voltage: AC100-250V, 50-60HZ
◆ Power: 100W
◆ color temperature: 3200K / 5600K optional
Lumens: 5000Lm
◆ Illumination: 4050LUX (1.5 meters)
◆ Effective light distance: 15 meters
◆ drive current: 20mA
◆ color rendering index: Ra ≥ 90
◆ patch number: 200
◆ Dashboard control: master / DMX
◆ Control protocol: DMX512)
◆ Channel mode: a channel mode
◆ dimming: 0-100% linear dimming smooth flicker-free
◆ light angle: 60 degrees ◆ shell: aluminum
◆ lighting connection: signal input / output power outlet
◆ certification: quality certification
◆ working environment: indoor -20 ℃ -50 ℃
Size: 475 * 85 * 265

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