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230W beam light
Light bulb: Philips light bulb latest mute motherboard
Switching power supply optional: AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: 230V 50Hz
Light bulb: Philips MSD Platinum 7R (8000K color temperature 2000 hours)
Optics: 3 lens lens groups, zoom 0 ° -3。9 °
Electronic focus; 20 meters, 50000LUX
Two channel modes: 16 international standard DMX512 channels and 20 channels
International standard DMX512 channel
Horizontal scan: 540 ° (16bit precision scan)
Vertical scan: 280 ° (16bit precision scan)
Color plate: 14 plug-in color + white, with two-way rotation of the rainbow effect
Rotate pattern disk: 17 plug-in rotation pattern piece + white circle, with pattern shaking
Move and pattern any position function pluggable color film,
14 colors + white light
Prism plate: the latest 16 prism, can be positive and negative direction of rotation, and has a prism positioning function
Strobe: double guillotine strobe frequency can be up to 13 times per second, and can choose with
Strobe and pulse strobe
Dimming: 0% ~ 100% linear dimming
Atomization: 0% ~ 100% linear atomization
Electronic rectifier optional: make the product lighter, more brightness, light bulbs
More stable, more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient remote control switch bulb
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